Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joel's Murals

Ask most people who were in DC today and they'll tell you it was a dreary, gray day. Not so for the lucky three of us who spent the
day touring murals that burst with color despite the weather.

My parents, in town for Thanksgiving, didn't want to go to the Smithsonian, or the Spy Museum, or Georgetown. They wanted to see these murals, painted by Joel Bergner, who, like me, grew up in Normal, Illinois.

With the help of Joel's sister—Joel is off in Brazil right now—I put together a tour. We started in Brookland, with a mural my parents and sister supported (I would have too, had I known about the opportunity).

After a stop for lunch at Busboys and Poets, we had cookies and warm drinks at the U Street Cafe (with its U Street–themed mural), then had a look at the outdoor mural on the same block.

We finished with four murals in Columbia Heights (three of which are pictured here). For more pictures, check out my Flickr album from the day.


  1. Very cool! My friend and I have spent some time at the U-Street Cafe, specifically to admire the mural there -- didn't know it was a fellow Illini.