Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The doctor's office and the name of this blog

A change in my insurance means that I've needed a new primary-care physician, and today I saw one (strep test: negative; flu shot: check). She was friendly and quite professional, but her getting-to-know-your-medical-history questions missed a couple of things, and the forms I'd filled out hadn't picked them up either. I decided not to jump in with them today. I know it was my responsibility as the patient, but it was easier to let the person with "M.D." after her name direct the conversation.

So here's my suggestion: Doctors, when you see your patients—especially for the first time, but on any visit, really—ask them: Is there anything else that's important to the story? Today the story was my medical history and circumstances; another day, the answer to that question might reveal an important secondary concern that your patient elected not to tell your scheduler.

And patients: Jump in, even though it's difficult.

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  1. My most favorite doctor is a neurologist to whom I was referred because the one I'd been seeing left town. After the introductions he sat back in his chair and said something resembling (it's been years, so...) "What concerns do you have?" It was so great to just lay out my concerns. Then he did his exam and we talked about management. Was I just lucky?